We are offering

BedienpultWe offer automation in the range of singe machine parts up to whole plants. From sensor systems to control stations, using commercial software, we provide for consultation, planning, realisation, installation, training and maintenance, without directly depending on suppliers.

Regarding project handling, we cooperate with a wide range of established partners and manufacturers. We can assume parts of the project management or the whole task: requirement specification, planning, realisation, quality control, commissioning, training and documentation.

After putting the plant into service, our support will of course continue. Our field of activities includes scale and dosing units, conveying and packaging machinery, product finishing, conservation, material and batch tracing as well as process data capturing and analysis.

drive systems
drive systems
Exact control of machinery and plants using
servos or frequency converters if required.
We mainly utilize components manufactured by:
  • SEW
  • ELAU
  • Stöber
  • Danfoss
We use the CAD system ELCAD to create circuit diagrams and
documentation, including parts lists, assembly plans and
terminal diagrams.
To implement add-ons or complete individual solutions
modules and programs are written in C++. A consistent
modularisation provides the possibility to interchange and
integrate proven and field-tested program modules.

The standardised high-level programming language allows
efficient and machine-oriented programming.
Object-oriented, generic and procedural programming requirements
are all supported in an optimal way by C++.
Our expert knowledge in robot control ranges from configuration and
programming to commissioning ofKUKA robots.
Our staff is trained directly by KUKA and experienced due to various
different projects in conjunction with the food industry and
special purpose machinery.
bus systems
bus systems
Naturally, we utilize bus systems to connect various field instruments
like electric sensors, controls systems, actuators and drive systems,
as it allows us to reduce the complexity and expenses for project
planning, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

We have put projects into service using
  • Profibus
  • Modbus Plus
  • Interbus
  • Modbus
  • Ethernet
  • ProfiNet
  • PROFIsave
  • DeviceNet
bus systems.
electric control cabinets
electric control cabinets
We manufacture electric control cabinets individually according to the circuit diagrams
and specifications provided by our customers including documentation subject to the
prevailing regulations. The electric control cabinets including their electrical components
to control the corresponding plants are produce from single items to small batch series.
We also deliver electric control cabinets for potentially explosive atmospheres.
Creation of the documentation of electrical components of the
plant using CAD (Computer Aided Design) software. Circuit diagrams,
parts list, order list and unit location plan can be provided.
Of course we include our customers individual specifications
as well as prevailing legal norms and applicable regulations.

We primarily use the commercial CAD systems ELCAD and EPLAN.
control centre
control centre
An ideal control centre should provide for full planning and control of
the production process. We provide systems which allow us to assist
our customers making optimal decisions regarding, timing, quantity,
quality and resources used. Our program to supervise and control the
system and log critical data will be tailored to suit your specific needs.
ATT plans and implements database-oriented solutions for
various project definitions.
The database language SQL (Structured Query Language)
is used to define manipulate and query tables and databases.
We mainly use Microsoft SQL Server as database management
system. In the past, we have already implemented solutions
using MySQL and ORACLE among other systems.
visualisation (HMI/SCADA)
Supervising control processes, making right decisions
and root cause analysis to find errors are all supported
by visualisation systems.
The clearly arranged and complete presentation of all
relevant data, critical information and plant states
provides for the user acceptance and supports the
production, maintenance and repair of your plant.

We mainly use:
  • Rockwell RSView
  • GE Fanuc Cimplicity
  • WinCC
  • InTouch
  • iFix
  • Aprol
as visualisation systems.
To implement add-ons or complete individual solutions
modules and programs are written in Visual Basic (Classic or .NET).
A consistent modularisation provides the possibility to interchange
and integrate proven and field-tested program modules.

As an object-oriented programming language with integrated
programming environment, Visual Basic allows the creation of
solutions at a relatively low expenditure of time.
pick & place
pick & place
Pick & place describes an automatic assembly technology, that
is mainly used in the packaging industry. Pieces of product can
be picked up and placed precisely with a high degree of freedom.
This allows performing complex tasks (using up to four axes)
at a very high rate.
circuit diagrams
circuit diagrams
We use the CAD system EPLAN to create circuit diagrams and
We are experienced in using programmable logic controllers of different
manufacturers to control the plants and machinery of our customers.
Of course we include our customers individual specifications
as well as prevailing legal norms and applicable regulations.

We mainly use controllers manufactured by:
  • Siemens
  • Schneider
  • Rockwell
  • ELAU
We have know-how and experience in the application of the norm ANSI/ISA-88
for batch oriented manufacturing. We have already implemented solutions
using the Batch Control System by Rockwell.
safety control
safety control
In automation technology the focus is always set on the safety of both worker
and machinery. As soon as control tasks are directed towards safety, we use
purpose-built safety PLCs. Specific and safe modules control time-critical
high-risk processes and functions. The safety PLC modules are
supplemented by the use of dedicated safety switch components,
for example manufactured by Pilz.
The documentation of all electrical components is accomplished using CAD systems.
Additionally, we create technical documentation and user manuals depending on
the delivered assembly sections.
image processing
image processing
To facilitate tasks like positioning, measurement and pattern recognition,
we use the modern technique of automated image processing.
individual solutions
individual solutions
We are geared to our customers specifications and use standard software
as far as possible according to prior agreement.
Unfortunately, special requirements can not always be met to a satisfying
degree using the off-the-shelf software products provided.
We realise flexible add ons or complete software solutions to efficiently
fulfil our customer's requirements.
A diverse and large toolbox and the use of modern programming languages
and tools allow us to create software solutions at a low expenditure of time.
As a guarantee, we can provide the full source code with the corresponding
agreements to our customers.
temporary employment
temporary employment
To compensate staff shortages, we can provide our qualified employers
as temporary workers if needed.
Doing maintenance on a regular basis is vital for a smooth production flow.
ATT will support you performing the periodic and mandatory checks
of your electrical equipment.
The machines and plants automated by ATT are put into service
in conjunction with the customer after the installation.
Final adjustments and process optimisations are carried out on site
to ensure a smooth transition into production.
During the phase of commissioning, operators and electricians are
familiarised with the control and maintenance tasks.
When designing the interface between operators and the plant, the
MMI (man-machine interface), we put great effort to create a clearly arranged
and functional layout for supervision and control.
Depending on the necessary tasks and the scale of the plant, process
control can be accomplished using local panels and/or complex
visualisation systems.