The professionals from ATT

How do you avoid waste and save money? How can you move pieces of chocolate without touching them? How does jam get into jars with an even fruit content and consistency, and how are bags of crisps packed without bursting? Above all, how can you do all this reliably, time after time?

We’ve been making things like this happen for our customers for years! Our ATT professionals know the technical secrets behind all these processes.

We’ve been working with passion for our customers for three generations, always developing our expertise. All our employees identify with the company and are highly motivated. We ensure products reach end customers unchanged and in optimal condition.

We turn your visions into reality!

You want perfect solutions. To achieve them, we apply our top-level know-how to simulate processes and find the ideal way of perfecting your product, processes, schedules, tasks and costs.
We guarantee absolute reliability and are also on hand whenever you need a replacement for skilled personnel at short notice. With our support, your operations continue smoothly. You can contact us 24/7 if your problem can’t wait. We provide what you need: whether technical equipment or personnel.

ATT – We transform visions into success stories.


New trainee!

We are glad that we can welcome with Ms. Claire Rodewald a new trainee here in the company from [...]


Hier gehts zu den Kollegen…


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