Who we are


Dietrich Tote opens a bicycle shop combined with a plumbing and electrical installation business which he subsequently develops into a radio and TV shop.

Establishment of “Elektrohaus Tote

The business is renamed “Automatisierungs-Team Tote GmbH

More than 40 employees

The foundation stone is laid for the new company building

Currently 49 employees

  • Ing./Dipl.-Ing./Bachelor graduates
  • Technicians

  • Master foremen
  • Skilled workers

  • Commercial officers / business managers

  • Apprentices

Employee qualifications

Skilled workers 34%
Master foremen / technical field 16%
Dipl. Ing. 10%
Bachelor / Master graduates 4%
Dipl. Math. 2%

Employee qualifications

Commercial MA 4%
Business management graduates 2%
Apprentices 10%
Others 14%

Our company building

ATT Neues Unternehmensgebäude

Neubau, Poststraße 6

ATT Unternehmensgebäude

Stammhaus, Braunschweiger Straße 43

Corporate culture

No, our work screens don’t show images of the bosses, and cats don’t feature either.
But, apart from top professional qualifications, we do value a relaxed atmosphere and good personal relations.