Long-term support

It’s a given that we support you over the entire lifetime of your project and beyond. Whether you want maintenance, staff training, or fast help in case of problems – you can rely on our team.

Project work tailored to you

In response to your requirements and wishes, we take on your project management – from compilation of specifications to planning, execution, commissioning, staff instruction, quality assurance and right through to documentation.

Extending and upgrading existing plants

Whenever it makes sense, we also involve our first-class suppliers in project management.

You can also rely on us to extend or upgrade your existing plants, even if they weren’t developed by us. Typical fields are:

  • Ensuring plant availability
  • Expanding functionality
  • Optimising process flows
  • Improving machine safety
  • Networking and data processing
  • Plant modernisation and migration to other program architectures
  • … and of course the full range we also offer for new plants
“Today’s transition to an information society is just as far-reaching and dramatic as the change that took place in the 19th century when Europe became an industrial society.”
Roman Herzog

New plant development

Our program covers the automation of plants and individual machines. You benefit from support, planning, implementation, installation and maintenance for everything from the main control station to the smallest control element, including proprietary software. Our independence from suppliers ensures you always get the best deal for you.
You’re keen to make the most of the fourth industrial revolution? We support you with state-of-the-art concepts for plant networking and data processing.
We offer the following services, according to your wishes either fully or in part:

  • Project coordination
  • Process data logging and analysis
  • Product and batch tracking using state-of-the-art digital technology
  • Integration into your management and database systems
  • Clear, intuitive process visualisations from the control station to the operating panel
  • Software development at the control and process levels
  • Creation of safety concepts in compliance with the applicable regulations
  • Electrical layouts for systems and drives
  • Electrical circuit design with ELCAD and EPLAN
  • Construction of control cabinets and on-site electrical installation
  • Training for operators and technical personnel

When it comes to process engineering as well as plant and machinery construction, we can call on the support of a number of proven project partners.